Our scenarios


The God Poseidon, powerful and undisputable  king of the seas and oceans, deplores that for several decades now, humans have been heading towards disaster. They are all the same, unable to take care of the planet, they plunder forests, depopulate and pollute the seas. They jeopardize the survival of all species.


Poseidon is angry and now wants his revenge on humans who have betrayed future generations. He threatens to flood all lands to end the painful weakening of the planet.


Your mission steal? Collect Poseidon’s trident before it’s too late…


You are here today because the government found out that over the years, you have acquired extensive knowledge in engineering. You will have to travel in the future, more precisely in 2089, and attain the spaceship in order to infiltrate one of its space station that gravitates around the Earth. This station was built in the hopes to detect any threat to our planet and humanity. Unfortunately, this station is out of function.


You are the only one capable of rebooting the system of the spaceship and thus save the world before its destruction. However, you must be quick since there is only one hour left on the spaceship’s energy reserve in order to stabilize this interstellar station that is necessary for the survival of our human race.


On July fifteenth, 1989, researchers discovered some strange symbols engraved on the inside of a historical cave situated near the equator. After a series of sample analysis, no element retrieved from the cave compares to anything we’ve found so far on planet Earth. In the past few months, some geologists from around the globe have recorded many inexplicable natural phenomenons. According to their predictions, if the pattern continues, we could fall victim to the destruction of planet Earth.


Your mission is to travel in time and return to the past at the estimated date to intercept the implantation of these destructive objects. The human race is counting on you.


You are a new recruit on a team of detectives that takes on the biggest cases for a secret European organization. After several weeks with the group, you are drawn to one case in particular that has been set aside because it has NEVER been solved…


As you dig into the obscure case, you discover that it is one of the greatest deceptions in the history of SCIENCE… Will you be able to shed light on a mystery that has remained unsolved for years? Can you crack the case and expose the injustice?


As far back as you can remember, your parents, who are renowned archeologists, have been telling you stories about Egypt. One in particular has always held your interest: the story of Dendera’s Secret. Having decided to follow in your family’s footsteps, you are now an established archeologist yourself.

Now that you have a few years of experience under your belt, you have decided to devote your career to researching the mysterious pyramid in the enigmatic story of Dendera’s Secret. Now that you have pinpointed its location, it is finally time to unlock the secrets within.


Your distant cousin has died violently and you have been asked to identify his body in a morgue in Russia… Will you be able to keep your cool in this dark, terrifying place? Will you make it out of this nightmare in one piece? Step into the morgue to find out… Ages 16 and up, and at least 6 arms. Not recommended for the faint of heart or anyone with a fear of small spaces (claustrophobia)!


New York City, Lower Manhattan… The authorities suspect that illegal activity is going on in one of the local bars. For a few months now, several police officers have been trying to infiltrate the bar in the hopes of catching the person believed to be in charge of the organization. Tonight is your chance. The latest hit jazz band will be performing and they are sure to draw a crowd—creating the perfect distraction! Hurry up before the suspect slips through your fingers yet again!


THE FINAL EXAM The end of the school year has arrived, and your report card shows that you got 100% on your geography exam! As a result, your teacher wrongly suspects that you cheated. As punishment, he puts your name on a list for summer school classes! This means a whole summer wasted away in a classroom because of something you didn’t even do… NO!!! This is a nightmare! You and your friends must find a way to sneak into the school at night and take your name off the list—the one you shouldn’t even be on in the first place! You’ll do anything to avoid wasting your summer sitting at a school desk. Can you sneak into the school without getting caught by the security guards?

Important information on this game:

  • You’ll need at least 4 people for this room.
  • The room is very physically active and not recommended for anyone with a fear of small spaces (claustrophobia).