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Quadruple Escapes Passport

Price : $69.28 (Value of 115.46$)

Quadruple Escapes Passport includes:


Our four companies offer more than 20 escape games in the Quebec City area. You will be able to discover the most popular games in the capital. This is an offer not to be missed.

*Press the “Buy” button to start the transaction. Maximum of 8 passports per transaction. On ce the purchase is complete, you will receive three entries via email. These entries never expire and can only be used in the company listed on it. Entries are non-refundable and non-monetary.

A Question about the Passports?

Any time. Passports do not expire and consist of 3 separate entries: one for each company participating in the passport.

It is not possible to purchase a passport in person or by telephone.

When making the online transaction, a PayPal option is available to use other payment methods.

Upon purchase, you will receive an email with 3 entries. Each entry is identified by one of the participating companies. Chez Sauve Qui Peut – Quebec, you will need to present your entry when paying, on the day of your booking. There will be nothing to enter at the time of booking on the website. This may be different at one of our partners.

Of course. Each passport contains three separate entries and you could offer the entries to different people. Once the entry is validated, it cannot be reused.

Yes, at Sauve Qui Peut – Quebec there is no payment until your arrival on site for your reservation. It is therefore possible at any time to present an entry obtained in a passport to pay for your entry.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to create a different passport than what is displayed. The program offered by the Ministry of Tourism asks us to offer one adult entry per passport for each partner.

It is quite possible to buy a passport for a child or a teenager. However, the entry price of a minor may be different from that of an adult. If you use an adult entry from a passport to pay for the entry of a child and there is a price difference, there will be no refund of the difference.

It is not possible to match a passport entry with a discount on an entry. However, if there are group promotions, people who do not use passport entries will be able to take advantage of the applicable discounts. Contact us if you have more questions about our promotions.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to refund a passport. It is a final sale.

The program of the Ministry of Tourism is in effect until March 2021 or until the budget envelope for the project is reached. They will signal us to stop sales as soon as the envelope comes to an end. It is therefore recommended to buy them quickly to benefit from the discount.

Following the COVID-19 crisis, the Ministry of Tourism implemented this program to encourage Quebecers to visit attractions in the province by taking advantage of better prices. The discount you get when you buy a passport is offset by a provincial budget. So this is a win-win for us and our customers.